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Makani WIND TURBINE 1Kw (1.5 Kw Max Output) Yes thats 1500 WATTS

Controller/Rectifier and Grid Tie Inverter are included in package

The Makani unit is the most efficient wind turbine you can install without having to go through the hassle of obtaining a permit.  We provide the Wind turbine, Grid Tie Inverter, Controller/Rectifier for you to install at your home, farm, workplace, etc.  If help is needed, we provide *installation services.

We have the ONLY all-metal wind turbine on the market - Steel welded design - NO PLASTIC - Military Grade and comes with 5yr warranty

Makani Wind Turbine with 3-Year Warranty $5995+Tax
*Installation fee depends on parameters (installation is optional)

It's easy to do your part to help the environment.

By Law, the IRS will credit you for 30% of your (installed cost) of a Home Energy System. That includes any solar water heating, solar electric, and or small wind energy system sold by Positive Power LLC. This includes labor costs of preparation, assembly, installation, plumbing, wiring, everything.




Details of The Turbine System

The Makani Wind Turbine is rated at 150 kwh of production a month in a 12 mph average wind speed. The more wind the more power! Our system is rated in 12MPH
High Speed Aluminum Blades
Blades are 35" long with a 14" Stainless hub.
Starts up at 7.6mph winds
This unit will spin in even 2-3 mph winds.  It will rarely be still.
All New Permanent Magnet alternator for efficient power with all new 3 times larger stator than any competitor model.
No electronics in alternator
3 Phase output allows power to get to controller more efficiently with less expensive wire
Stainless slip ring stops wires from being twisted when turbine pivots. 
1-15/16" cast iron greaseable bearing for mounting.
Fits 1.5" schedule 80 black pipe.
Steel welded design - NO PLASTIC that will fail.
Stainless sealed alternator bearings.
Survival Wind Speed 120 mph
Breaking system: Electronic
Controller/Rectifier and Grid Tie Inverter are included in package
1-5 1kw rated in 12mph winds to 1.5kw
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